Lucas House

A further project of 2013 was a result of an initiative by Tourvest to fulfill dreams of some of the learners at the school.

500 children were invited to wrote down their dreams as part of a paper plane exercise. Tourvest went to their clients and partners and engage them to help fulfill the dreams of as many of the children as possible.

On 16 July 2013 the Trust assisted Tourvest and a number of their business partners to present the “realized dreams” to the children at the school. The number of beds, bicycles, dolls, birthday cakes, various balls turned the Madiba day of 2013 into something very special for the learners. The day was significant as children could see that one can dream and that it can come true. Some dreams were very basic as one child only requested some porridge. We realized that these children would never be the same after this amazing event.

Another girl, requested a room to be added to their RDP-house. Tourvest decided to grant the wish but do a bit more and engaged the Trust to help facilitate the erection of an enlarged structure to accommodate the little girl, her sister and two brothers as well as her parents. The Trust got the plans drawn as gift from a local architect and the building started on the 1st of November.

The house was completed at the beginning of December and the family is so touched that they took the little money they have and start to plaster the inside and paint it on the inside. The family also cleaned the old house roof and paints it after the paint was provided to them. This house is an example of how dignity can be restored in a community where people still experience the impact of centuries of slavery and discrimination.